Bringing the future to the railroad

Business Analyst Steven Mazurski is tackling a new project related to Positive Train Control (PTC).

But he’s already made his mark on the railroad by helping to modernize systems related to multiple processes.

Mazurski has also worked to consolidate and modernize two train-processing systems, AS400 and SOS Trans, into the all-new Belt App. Doing so has simplified navigation and put once diffuse information onto a single screen allowing clerks to process trains more efficiently. Before the enhancement, clerks would manually enter data from one system to the other, which was labor intensive and created greater opportunity for human error. The Belt App avoids that and, by aligning with timekeeping processes, offers real-time data.

Limiting hard copy storage of information is another goal. Mazurski has lead the effort to make hard copy information digital by using optical character recognition. This allows computers to read hard copies and turn them into digital documents. In addition to saving costs associated with producing and storing hard copies, information, such as reference material, will be easier to find
and share.

“Searching for a file can be a couple of keystrokes,” he said.

Employees can respond swiftly to governmental requests for information.