Belt welcomes Chicago Fire Department for vital training

The Chicago Fire Department visited the yard Sept. 21 for a hazardous material and emergency response training session. 

Firemen learned crucial information, such as applying emergency shutoffs on locomotives and identifying tank cars’ contents. 

Field Team Leader Jason Charbonneau, Switchmen Matt Davidson and Jeff Votteler and Carman John Lucio led the training with Emergency Response Manager John Day, a contractor with extensive experience handling tank car fires.

The group shared numerous best practices and discussed the nuances of locomotives and tank cars from a fire response perspective. 

Local fire safety agencies are invited to train free of charge annually. 

Day said the Belt does a fantastic job engaging community first responders and helping them prepare for emergencies, so they can protect the community. He believes it’s essential for first responders to train regularly so they can better maintain life-saving knowledge.

Generous donation to CFD

The Belt donated a Magnaseal chemical containment device to Chicago Fire Department. The seal is used to stop leaks on tank cars. It is magnetic and placed directly on the leaky area. The fire department did not have the item.