Bronder new business analyst

Nik Bronder, business analyst

Nik Bronder, business analyst

Nik Bronder joined the BRC team Dec. 1 as the railroad’s first business analyst.

Assigned to the MIS Department, he serves as a liaison with other groups to help them understand and apply their own systems. Bronder then works with IT to relate and fix any issues.

He also looks at some of the existing applications and identifies ways to modernize them, and manages the vendors used for various technological needs.

“There was a need to deal one on one with the technical people and departments,” he said. “I’m a liaison between the people who use the technology and people who make or sell it.”

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Bronder attended Ohio State University. Before joining the BRC team, he worked in technology support as the director of technology at Columbia College Chicago.

He enjoys the variety his new role offers.

“There’s something different every day,” Bronder said. “I get to see a lot of the operations. I have the ability to interact with people from different parts of the railroad.”

As he grows in his career, he looks forward to gaining more insight and
understanding of the railroad and challenges it faces.

He and his wife, Julie, have been married five years. Outside of work, Bronder stays active by playing football and ice hockey. He started playing the latter when he was 12 and always played as a right wing. He continues playing today in Buffalo Grove.