Busson heads Transportation

Terminal Superintendent of Transportation Jordan Busson recently had the word “assistant” removed from his job title as his predecessor, Terry Hartwig, was named superintendent of safety. 

“Terry was a great mentor,” said Busson, who credits Hartwig with helping him to strengthen his focus on people.

As his prior work experience includes time with Canadian Pacific Railway and CSX, Busson also will continue to leverage his strong relationships to communicate and enact a winning plan. 

When he became a Belt trainmaster in 2018, Busson said he immediately noticed how his new co-workers had a strong sense of pride and ownership that showed itself in their work ethic and attitude. 

In this new role, Busson, a former conductor, said his immediate focus is making sure craftspeople are well trained and qualified for what he expects to be a busy future.

Hartwig helms safety effort

Superintendent of Safety Terry Hartwig has a few familiar faces on his team, including Director of Safety Jason Charbonneau and Assistant Director of Safety Mark Labbe.

“I’ve known them for a long time,” Hartwig said. “We have solid relationships, and I’m excited to build upon those.”

Hartwig called Charbonneau’s Class 1 experience an “asset to the team” and praised Labbe for having “a ton of drive.” 

After 12 years in Transportation, Hartwig said he embraces the change and believes it will help him become a more well-rounded leader. As he’s forged strong bonds within his former department, Hartwig looks to do the same with Engineering and Mechanical. 

Hartwig expresses confidence that Terminal Superintendent of Transportation Jordan Busson will do well in his previous role, crediting him with a strong understanding of operations and a persistent, energetic manner. 

“I’m excited to see him flourish,” he said.

From left are Terminal Superintendent of Transportation Jordan Busson and Superintendent of Safety Terry Hartwig.