Cook says goodbye to ‘second home’

Retiree Mayetta Cook

Retiree Mayetta Cook recently concluded her 39-year career with the Belt. 

She called the railroad her second home.

“It’s been a blessing,” Cook said. “I’ve found comfort here.”

While she initially dismissed the idea of working for BRC, Cook is grateful that she made the decision to apply.

“I invested wisely in my second home,” she said.

The taps of typewriters keys are prominent in her early memories at the Belt.

“I did hear lots of different radio stations playing, a few different accents being spoken, and a multitude of personalities,” she said. “I’ve made friends that I intend to keep throughout my lifetime. My friends here have been with me through the good, sad and bad times — I cherish each of them. My hope is that I’ve given back the encouragement and support I’ve received.”

Cook’s advice to current employees and those to come is to treat BRC just as she did — as a home they take an ownership attitude toward and invest in.