Crafty kindness

With a love for crafting, helping others and making children smile, Accounting Clerk Dawn Walztoni — who regards her co-workers as family — volunteered to make special treats for BRC’s holiday event in December.

The 20-year-employee fashioned 500 mini-Hershey bars into festive snowmen. Their small size made the work intricate, so it took Walztoni three weekends to complete the task. She thanked Chief Clerk of Transportation Brandy Lindquist for lending a few hours to the effort.

“It was a lot of fun; I’m glad everyone liked them,” said Walztoni, who’s gotten more involved in crafts over the years, selling some of her creations on sites such as Etsy.

“I’ve always been crafty,” she said. “It takes patience and a good eye for detail. Crafting is a creative outlet for me and a stress-free zone.”

She recently began making ornaments with resin.

“I like the way they look,” she said. “No two pieces are alike.”