Eagle Eye Awards

A special thank you to these employees for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure safety and demonstrate situational awareness.

Bogdan Maksymkiv, July 25

While traveling west on the South Thoroughfare, Maksymkiv spotted broken rail east of the Martin Building. He reported the broken rail just before the Y132 approached the thoroughfare to tie up their train. His quick action prevented a potential derailment.

Todd Kincade, Aug. 19

On his tour of duty for the 14:30 East Hump assignment, Kincade saw strong westerly winds blow 34 West Class cars toward 25 West Class. Responding quickly, he caught the blowing cars in the group retarder before they interfered with a cut of cars going to 35 West Class.

Jason Brazda, Aug. 21

During his tour of duty as conductor on the 15:30 East Yard assignment, Brazda noticed a broken rail on Track 45 in the East Class Yard. He quickly reported the broken rail to managers and prevented a potential derailment and yard delays, and eliminated a potential hazard for co-workers.

Bruce Beaty, Aug. 29

While performing the 23:59 East Yard assignment tour of duty, Beaty noticed a railcar door had fallen off and was lying on the rail at 53 East Class. He notified the yardmaster, who stopped two railcars destined for 53 East Class at the top of the hill and temporarily removed the track from service to resolve the issue. Beaty’s alertness and attention to detail prevented a possible derailment and potential hazard for employees.

Daniel Drozd, Sept. 14

During his tour of duty as conductor on the 22:30 West Hump assignment, Drozd spotted a broken rail on the North Thoroughfare in the West Class Yard. He reported the issue to managers and prevented a potential derailment, yard delays and possible hazard.

Jorge Guerrero, Sept. 30

On his tour of duty, Guerrero reported a trespasser walking on the railroad tracks south of Columbus crossing at 75th Street and Western Avenue. He immediately contacted The Belt Police Department. His “above the line” behavior and awareness in reporting this prevented potential injury to the trespasser.

Matthew Ludwig, Oct. 1

While on his tour of duty, Ludwig witnessed two trespassers by the South Pulaski Gate. He recognized one from a wanted poster displayed in the crew board office. He immediately contacted The Belt Police Department, which sent officers to apprehend the trespassers. Ludwig’s attention and response prevented potential danger to himself and co-workers.