Eagle Eye Awards – Employees Recognized for Efforts

One doesn’t have to look far to find employees who make a positive difference. 

Many routinely make contributions that demonstrate situational awareness of their working environment and well-being of their co-workers. 

Daniel Girten, Nov. 12, 2013

During his tour of duty as a marker man, Girten notified the BRC trainmaster of a broken rail on the west end of 01 West Receiving. His performance and behavior was above the line, and his situational awareness in finding the broken rail prevented a serious incident. 

Girten’s efforts show good situational awareness of his working environment and safety of fellow employees, and also proves his loyalty and good judgment skills. 

William Lutz, April 2

During his tour of duty of the Outside Industry Assignment, he reported a broken rail on the North Thoroughfare. He quickly contacted the North Belt trainmaster, and Maintenance of Way was called. Lutz displayed great situational awareness and prevented a possible derailment. The rail was repaired and the North Thoroughfare returned to service. 

His efforts with this incident showed good situational awareness of his work environment. 

Shawn Nelson, April 26

While working as conductor on the 23:00 West Yard Assignment, Nelson noticed an 8-inch section of rail missing on 38 West Class. He immediately went into action by contacting management, thus preventing potential injury to himself as well as his fellow employees. This incident also could have potentially caused a derailment and considerable damage to incoming railcars. 

His efforts show good situational awareness of his working environment as well as the safety of others.