Eagle Eye Awards – Employees Recognized for Efforts – March thru July 2013

One doesn’t have to look far to find employees who make a positive difference.

Many routinely make contributions that demonstrate situational awareness of their work environment and safety of co-workers.  They go the extra step and lend a hand when needed to ensure the efficiency of BRC operations.

Above-and-beyond efforts are appreciated.  The following employees recently were recognized for their Eagle Eye efforts:

William Lutz II, Operating Department, March 24

While working on the 15:59 East Hump, Lutz reported a broken rail as an outbound crew was departing the diesel shop.  By reporting it, Lutz displayed exemplary situational awareness in recognizing a potential hazard and preventing a possible derailment.

The rail was repaired and the north thoroughfare returned to service.

Bobby Mitchell, conductor, April 28

During his tour of duty on the 06:30 East Yard assignment, Mitchell noticed a major pull-apart on the north rail adjacent to the inert retarder.  He immediately alerted a trainmaster, and the track was taken out of service.

The quick action averted potential serious damage to property and injury to fellow employees.

Raul Guerrero, Car Department, May 24

While working in the West Departure Yard, Guerrero bad ordered a tank car because it had the wrong wheel and two broken adapters.  His alertness prevented a potential serious incident from occurring.

Ronald Morin, helper, July 13

During his tour of duty on the 18:30 Boat Assignment, Morin spotted a broken rail at Commercial Avenue on KCBX property.  He immediately contacted the Belt’s MTO, averting potential serious property damage and injury to employees.