Ecological enhancements abound at BRC

The Belt Railway of Chicago cares about the environment and the citizens who live and work where the BRC does business.  Being environmentally responsible is important.  New programs take the BRC’s efforts further.

A new oil drop-off site, located by the diesel shop, provides a place for employees to bring oil from home after they change their car, snowblower or lawn mower oil.  The railway has a company pick up the oil, which is recycled.  This program was put together by Assistant Superintendent Mechanical Wayne Kizior and his shop employees.

Batteries from lanterns also can be dropped off at sites around the BRC to be recycled.

Employees can even bring their batteries from home to be taken to recycling sites.

Employees are encouraged to support the troops by bringing old cellphones to work.  They will be taken to Bell West Community Credit Union, who mails them to an

organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers.  This group collects used cellphones, sells them to recycling firms and uses the money to buy calling cards for soldiers overseas.

Printer cartridges are being collected and given to the Village of Bedford Park to be recycled.  Proceeds will benefit some of the village’s programs.
Recycle bins are placed throughout the BRC’s property to collect aluminum cans, cardboard, paper and plastic bottles.  These separate recycling containers are collected by a waste company.

Lastly, the E-Scrap recycling program moves along well.  Earlier this month, the BRC filled four dump trucks with old computers, monitors, tapes and other electronic devices from the BRC and its employees to be recycled.