Guerrero adds to family railroading legacy

Manager of Communications Jorge Guerrero is continuing a tradition while walking his own path.

He followed in his grandfather and father’s footsteps by joining the Belt.

His grandfather, Nicolas Guerrero, retired as a track foreman after 35 years of service. His father, Jose Luz Guerrero, retired after four decades as a diesel shop laborer. He credits them for laying a strong foundation for him personally and professionally; his father’s advice —Echale ganas, which he says translates to “give it your all” — still guides him.

“I’ve known the railroad my whole life,” Guerrero said. “I’ve always known I’d work here. I’m grateful for my upbringing.”

While carrying on the family tradition means a great deal to him, he’s proud to blaze his own trail by leveraging the technical skills he’s developed in Communications to lead the department. 

Guerrero started as a communications electrician in September 2008. He enjoyed his time as a craftsman.

“I liked the hands-on, rugged nature of the work and the satisfaction of getting a task done from point A to Z,” Guerrero said. 

Having a desire to help Communications grow led him to become a foreman in 2017.

With predecessors in his present role having a Signal background, he’s excited to be the first with a Communications background to lead the team. Guerrero believes his experience will help him relate to the employees he will lead, implement change and drive progress. 

Away from work, he coaches his daughter, Leah, 14, in softball and two sons, Mason, 10, and Ryan, 7, in Little League baseball. Guerrero never played organized baseball; he learned the game on the streets and developed a passion for it and all sports, which feed his competitive nature. 

“I hate to lose,” he said. “Winning when it comes to railroading is safety and productivity, ensuring we all go home to our families after getting done at work.”