Hagen joins safety committee

Carman Nick Hagen

Carman Nick Hagen seeks to further enhance the safety culture of the Belt.

He’s one of three additions to the Safety Committee. Track Inspector Lino Ramon-Villafuerte and Signalman Jim O᾿Brien are the other two. Hagen said heightened awareness and greater accountability will be his areas of focus.

With a decade of service, extensive experience in the yard and as a trainer and a present role on the RIP, he’s ready to contribute more. Hagen believes that if all departments work together and communicate, the operation will be safer and smoother.

Hagen challenges himself to learn more about other crafts to further facilitate communication. He notes that the Car department works closely with Transportation. While there are many similarities to safety protocols across all work groups, there are nuances, he said.

“It’s important to see what other jobs entail and how it affects you,” Hagen said.

He encourages employees to listen to the radio chatter of other crafts. A carman can enhance awareness of train and power movements in the yard. A conductor, locomotive engineer and switchman can learn where carmen are working.

“The more you know where everyone is, the less chance there is of injury or incidents,” he said.

While Hagen regards safety as its own reward and a responsibility of every employee, he supports employees being recognized for going above and beyond to make the railroad even safer — noting how that can elicit engagement.