Hill pioneering new role

Application Support Manager Tiffany Hill is getting a lot done.

Having started earlier this year, she is the first person to fill her role at the company and is helping to revolutionize the way it does business via  Belt Apps.

“It’s exciting being on the cutting edge of new technology and training people,” she said.

Some of those she’s training have been with the company for more than four decades and Hill said that speaks for the ability of the company to evolve. She has experience showing people how to use new technology, which she believes has helped equip her for aspects of her role.

While experienced in application support, this is a fresh adventure for her.

“It’s a new start and exciting,” she said. “The people are great, and it’s a family environment. Everyone works hard to make sure the job gets done. Management makes sure you have everything you need to succeed.”

Hill is excited about the future and the advancements it will bring.

“PTC is going to transform the way railroading is done,” she said.

Fast facts: Tiffany Hill

Hill is a University of Illinois graduate and studied communication and gender and women’s studies.

She credits her parents as being the most influential people in her life. “I was the first in my family to graduate from college, and they instilled in me the importance of education,” she said.