Holland Bridge Being Replaced

The bridge construction phase of a major project recently got underway.

BRC’s B&B, Communications, Signal and Track employees are all involved in an ongoing job that will replace the approximately 100-year-old Holland Road bridge on the Kenton Line. The structure traverses both W. 87th Street and S. Holland Road near their intersection west of the Dan Ryan Expressway. The project, which started in June and is slated to conclude this fall, also involves upgrading the 87th Street interlocking. 

To allow train traffic to continue across the work zone, Track employees built a temporary track known as a shoofly, shifting both main lines 15 feet each. 

The current phase of work is predominated by removal of the existing bridge. Massive beams are being cut out with torches and moved into a pile by an excavator.

The site’s signal system was upgraded and two new cantilevers were installed.

Carpenter Michael Lewis was on site as the employee in charge. He took part in daily job briefings, communicated with dispatchers, and ensured employees and contractors adhered to BRC’s safety standards and procedures.