Kula to spearhead 5S effort

With 29 years on the job, Jozef Kula is the Belt’s most senior carman.

He also has taken on a new role as the RIP’s 5S czar. 

With a boatload of equipment to help him perform his new duties, he will ensure that parts are stocked and organized.

New shelving and racks are part of the enhancement; they will hold all freight car parts, including couplers, handbrakes and brake shoes. A 48-foot container is attached to the east side of the RIP and will hold all air-associated parts. There’s also now a slot for each type of air hose.

Kula said the development is a safety enhancement, especially the coupler racks. Thanks to a special forklift attachment, the racks reduce time it takes to store couplers by more than half. 

Car Foreman Jason Prosser said that the new equipment will help to reduce exposure to potential injury and also boost morale, as employees will not experience frustration trying to look for parts. It also will give the team an at-a-glance view of inventory, so keeping the RIP stocked will be easier.

More  5S enhancements also are on the way, Kula said.