Labbe thanked for handy work

Employees recently expressed their appreciation of Senior Manager of Operations Mark Labbe.

He was cited for his work ethic and dedication to the Belt Railway and its employees.

Labbe recently hand crafted a wooden holder for Operator Control Units boxes, which are used to control locomotives by switchmen.

The holder, located in the East Yard Office, keeps the work area organized so switchmen know where to get their box and where to return it. The various slots for boxes include a place for job assignment paperwork.   

“I have been doing different little projects of this nature since I was in high school,” Labbe said. “It’s a hobby I like as it’s neat to take a few boards and make something useful.”

Labbe said a holder will be coming to the East Yard Office as well. 

From left, President Mike Grace and Senior Manager of Operations Mark Labbe