Labbe views C3RS as a promising safety-enhancement tool

NASA’s Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C3RS) is back at the Belt, going live in late October.

The system allows employees to anonymously report incidents, close calls and rules violations. The reports are discussed by a peer review team (PRT) to eliminate or mitigate any issues. The goal is to enhance safety, training and rules by encouraging employees to communicate.

On Oct. 23, 25 and 27, PRT members visited various crew reporting locations across the Belt to familiarize employees with C3RS. They were joined by FRA and NASA representatives. The PRT will soon include craftspeople.

Assistant Director of Safety Mark Labbe is excited about C3RS as it allows PRT members to analyze close-call incidents and glean highly valuable data in combating potential safety issues. Labbe believes countermeasures can be developed to promote a safer future.

Peer review team members include:

  • Simeon Brandon, Transportation
  • Joe Czerwinski, facilitator 1, Mechanical
  • Ryan Dolatowski, facilitator 2, Mechanical 
  • Terry Hartwig, process manager, Safety
  • Lucas Jimenez, Engineering
  • Clint Jonas, scribe 1, Engineering 
  • Mark Labbe, process manager, Safety
  • Michael Mittler, Mechanical
  • Tim Mutzbauer, Transportation 
  • Sean Niziolek, scribe 2, Transportation
  • Bob Perham, process manager, Mechanical 
  • Shavon Smith, Transportation