Let’s continue the tradition of perseverance

A message from President Patrick J. O’Brien:

The same factors that have contributed to the Belt’s longevity and success are the same that make it a barometer for the state of the industry. The companies that have partnered as co-owners of our railroad need us to fulfill their missions and keep North America moving. They are dealing with changing demands for energy products. This has resulted in some growing pains, which have extended to our railroad family here.

As of the 23rd week of the year, U.S. railroad carloads were down 13.5 percent from the same point last year. But it shouldn’t discourage us. There’s a reason all of us who call this railroad our vocational home are continuing to build a tradition that started in 1882. The Belt has weathered economic storms before because our industry is part of the fabric of American commerce. Our country needs us, and we’ve always been here ready to serve. It’s why the big picture shows a trend that can’t be denied: our country grows; our industry grows; we grow.

Whatever the future brings, the Belt will help deliver it. And we’ll need railroad professionals like you to do it. Thank you for continuing to drive safety, quality and efficiency. Every day you write a new BRC entry into our storied railroad’s history, and ensure its future will be bright and its legacy lasting.

— President Patrick J. O’Brien