Let’s keep momentum going

The challenges started early in 2021. In the thick of a global pandemic, the February blizzard dropped 30 inches of snow on us. It felt like BRC was at the storm’s epicenter, and it’s no wonder it had a negative impact on our performance metrics. However, our ability to weather a storm of that magnitude and finish the year strong made me exceptionally proud. Thanks to our employees’ heroic efforts, we leveraged our resources and recovered, all while boasting one of the best safety performances in Belt history.

Through all we faced last year, our values never wavered, especially our collective commitment to going home in the same condition in which we came to work, if not better.

Despite facing various distractions from COVID-19 to the supply chain crisis to historic weather events, our people stayed focused on the task at hand and overcame a myriad of challenges. My experience as a conductor and switchmen is a part of the reason I have such a deep respect for what our craftspeople did in 2021. 

We are dedicated to being better tomorrow than we are today; it’s part of our mission to improve continuously. I look forward to carrying 2021’s momentum into this year. To ensure we do that, some important capital projects are in our near future. 

We saw a significant reduction in East Classification Yard derailments after installing new ties in 2019. We will do the same in the West Classification Yard this summer; it’s set to be upgraded with several thousand ties.

The yard’s North Thoroughfare will be converted from jointed track to continuous welded rail (CWR), paving the way to operating longer trains. 

Thank you to every team member who makes the Belt the outstanding railroad that it is.

— General Manager Percy Fields.