Lopez joins father at the Belt

Carman Apprentice Giovanni Lopez describes railroading as completely different from his previous work in retail and for a major home improvement company’s warehouse.

While the latter job got him accustomed to safety protocols and using PPE, the Belt’s environment and his responsibilities are new to the Chicago native. But, that doesn’t mean Lopez hasn’t developed skills applicable to his BRC role. He said he᾿s adept at communication and dedicated to ensuring he and his teammates go home safe from work daily.

Job security and a good retirement are important reasons the Belt appealed to him. He hopes for a long-term career, much like his father, Carman Raul Guerrero. The 18-year Belt veteran is mentoring Lopez along with other journeymen.

“It feels good to have him here teaching me,” Lopez said.

Guerrero and his fellow journeymen have emphasized that a railroading environment requires a high level of awareness of situations and surroundings.

  Presently, Lopez is learning about the various types of rail cars and their common defects, as well as how to perform air tests.

Away from work, Lopez enjoys watching action movies with his father or just hanging out with his cat, Astro.