Maintenance in full swing during summer season

While warm weather means vacations for a lot of the country’s population, BRC employees had no intention of letting the summer pass by without accomplishment.

Maintenance projects this summer included a mainline crossing upgrade at 65th Street; surfacing, lining and dropping new ballast for main lines 1 and 2; surfacing about 35 miles of track throughout the 59th Street and Kenton subdivision; and upgrading interlockings.

Feliciano Guerrero, roadmaster

Feliciano Guerrero, roadmaster

“We are doing everything we can for the security of our trains and the public,” said Roadmaster Feliciano Guerrero, an 18-year railroad veteran.  “We always are looking out for the interest of the BRC.”

Approximately 45 employees tackled the 65th Street crossing project for one week in August, leveling the crossing with the road, checking switches, changing ties asphalt and installing new signals.

Resident Engineer Michael Salo credits the project’s success to its seasoned team.

“They have done this stuff a hundred times,” he said.  “They all knew exactly what they were doing.”

Main lines 1 and 2 were completely surfaced, lined and covered in ballast to improve drainage and prevent mud from potentially causing surface defects.  In addition, crews spent two weeks surfacing the 59th Street Subdivision.  With the cooperation of Transportation and Maintenance of Way, employees also upgraded interlockings.

“It’s been a team effort,” Guerrero said.  “We work together, we plan together.  Everybody’s involved and knows what’s going on.  Communication goes a long way.