Maranda Masters Multitasking


Phil Maranda, humpmaster, stays busy.

Humpmaster Phil Maranda has become a master at multitasking. Amid various computer screens, phone calls and radio calls, he has a lot to handle, but he has the experience to get the job done.

The 18-year employee compared his job to a strategy game.

“It’s really just constant multitasking,” he said. “I look at it like a game. It’s busy, and you’re never bored.”

Maranda joined BRC as a switchman and then worked as a hump conductor and trainmaster before taking his current assignment.

His co-workers are his favorite part of the job.

“The crews work in different kinds of weather and never stop,” he said. “They will go above and beyond and do more if asked. Not only does that make my job a little easier, it’s respectable.”

Away from work, Maranda enjoys time with his wife and their children, Canon, 10; Cole, 8; Carson, 6; and Caylin, 5. He coaches three Little League baseball teams on which his children play. He also cheers for the Cubs.