Mateyack climbs ranks

Jeff Mateyack was promoted to assistant roadmaster in May.

The former lead carpenter started his Belt career in 2009 as a track laborer.

Assistant Roadmaster Jeff Mateyack

“I’m excited to help make a change and organize things,” he said.

Mateyack intends to bank on his experience and relationship with employees to achieve goals and ensure safe, efficient production, which will enhance safety and operations by preventing derailments.

“I started from the ground and came up though the ranks,” he said. “I learned from everyone out here—there’s something to learn from everyone.”

Mateyack believes organization and efficiency are crucial to safety because they eliminate potential hazards and exposure. 

Away from work

Mateyack has long enjoyed hockey, but his children have taken to the sport in a big way.

Matthew, 7; and Ava, 4, are both on hockey teams.

“They love it,” he said. “And I love being at their sporting events.”

Time with family brings safety into focus.

“Being safe goes a long way to bring you home to family,” Mateyack said. “If you aren’t safe, it can keep you from going home and spending time with loved ones.”