Our family serves the nation

A message from President Patrick J. O’Brien

Things are looking up as we expected! As we enter fall, traffic volumes are slightly better. While that’s good reason to be optimistic, we must recognize that in an uncertain world our watchword will remain “prudence.”

That means we have to continue to work safely and handle traffic as efficiently as possible. It also means we must work together to control costs.

In a tight-knit community such as the Belt, we rise together and share the burdens of challenges. In that way, we are a family committed to the greater good, willing to make sacrifices but forever dedicated to our core values, like safety. We take care of one another and commit our diverse talents to our common mission: playing a vital role in moving mountains of freight across the land.

We link this country’s great railroads, unifying them, allowing them to be greater together than they could be alone. It is our own unity that makes it so. Thanks for keeping the faith, working hard and doing what you do best – working as a team. We will continue to thrive despite challenges. Your dedication is what will ensure continued success for the BRC.