Our prospects and culture are strong

A message from President Patrick J. O’Brien

We’ve seen an increase in business and hope by year’s end to add about 30 new people across every department, primarily Engineering and Mechanical. After an industrywide downturn last year, it’s good to see a bit of a turnaround, as some of the business we lost has returned.

As we add new people, they have to be shown the Belt way, not only by instructors and supervisors, but by their coworkers. Our culture is strong as indicated by our employees continuing to work safely, smart and efficiently, so it’s incumbent on everyone to spread it, refine it and reinforce it.

We also can’t afford to become complacent. Our 1.8 injury frequency ratio and 2.58 derailments per 50,000 railcars handled as of May 31 is a solid safety record, but we must always strive to do better and drive both measurements down to zero.

Wishing a fun and safe summer for you and your families,

—President Patrick J. O’Brien