PRT convenes for C3RS

Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C3RS) is back and making a difference.

The Belt’s 11-member peer-review team (PRT), represented by every department and craft, recently met for the first time and reviewed six cases. Issues addressed included run-through switches and track and time. 

Dispatcher Sean Niziolek said that the team was focused on identifying trends.

The next meeting will be determined by case submission.

Not all reports are of known incidents. Niziolek underlines that the foundation of the program is confidentiality and the most valuable submissions are those the team would otherwise not be aware of.

“We’re hoping people continue to put in the unknowns,” he said.  

As October concluded, cases began to be submitted. As the year closed, there were 24 reports. 

“People are buying in,” he said. “This is a great tool, and it’s really taking off. It’s not only for employees to look out for their personal safety, but to help others.”