Shourie leads PTC effort

PTC Program Manager Aneet Shourie

PTC Program Manager Aneet Shourie

The railroad welcomed Positive Train Control (PTC) Program Manager Aneet Shourie into the fold.

He started March 1 and works with Senior IT Director Nick Chodorow.

New to the railroad, Shourie is excited about implementing PTC at BRC because it is cutting edge technology that will enhance railway safety. He is assembling a team to get the job done.

For the past 15 years, he has worked to implement SAP for BP worldwide. The energy giant is one of 300,000 companies that uses this Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage its business operations and customer relations.

Shourie is grateful to his co-workers for patiently answering questions as he learns the nuances of the railroad industry. He praises the close-knit environment at BRC that allows him access to colleagues.

“They’ve made me feel at home,” he said.

Implementing PTC will require a lot of the same skills, methodologies and expertise that Shourie used to help BP.

“Software delivery goes through the same cycles,” he said. “The ingredients are the same.”

Shourie isn’t just skilled in software. He loves to paint—oil on canvas—and is an expert martial artist. He trained with grandmasters in the East, including India —where he once lived — and Nepal. He has engaged in full contact professional karate, jiujitsu and ninjutsu, and trained law enforcement agents in unarmed combat and others in self-defense. Last year, he added a hobby to the mix: flying. Shourie enjoys piloting Cessnas when he’s not preparing delicacies with his daughter, Karina, 13, or kayaking with her. His wife of 16 years, Julieann, is a native Chicagoan.