Sipple new assistant foreman

A new face among the Engineering Department’s assistant foremen is that of Tom Sipple Jr. The three-year employee became assistant foreman in September. He enjoys the responsibility of his new role.

“It really opens your eyes,” he said. “I was a laborer before and focused on doing the work. Now, I watch out for everyone and make sure they are safe.”

As part of his safety focus, Sipple verifies that crews understand their location, the limits of their outage and have correct protection in place.

He follows his father, Car Foreman Tom Sipple Sr., into the industry but strives to pave his own way in Engineering.

“He would come home and tell me things about the railroad which helped a lot,” he said. “But track is totally different from the car department.”

Sipple appreciates the variety of his work and the opportunity to learn daily.

Tom Sipple Jr., Assistant Foreman

Tom Sipple Jr., Assistant Foreman