Seeman to newcomers: ask questions

Experience has helped Carman Nick Seeman become a well-rounded railroader.

Having started his railroad career in 2004, he works at the RIP and receiving and departure tracks as an inspector.

Carman Nick Seeman

“You learn something every day,” he said.

Seeman joined the Belt in 2011 and appreciates his co-workers.

He cites Carman Nick Hagen as going above and beyond. Seeman regards Carman Mike Curtin as the safest co-worker he knows.

“He’s a great worker,” Seeman said. “He takes his time and is always precise. He’s always looking out for others and making sure they have their safety gear.”

Seeman looks to pass on the things he’s learned to newcomers.

“Sometimes you can be reluctant to ask questions when you’re new,” he said. “But don’t hesitate—and pay attention.”

Staying safe helps Seeman make it home to his wife, Melissa, and children, Aniston, 10, and Gavin, 7.

“If something happens to me, it affects all the people I have in my life,” he said.