Teamwork can make anything possible

From President Michael J. Grace

Throughout this COVID-19 crisis, our people have exhibited a can-do attitude and teamwork. It’s been vital to protecting the BRC community, but also helping our country persevere.

Rail transport of America’s freight and raw material underpins and moves all aspects of our economy. Inside rail cars, hidden from most people, are a multiplicity of products that move by train: chemicals that will make everything from medicines to food packaging; energy sources that will fire electricity generation and industrial factories; petroleum products that will heat our homes and fuel our cars; fertilizers that will nourish crops; grains that will feed livestock; steel that will support highways and buildings; and automobiles for us to enjoy.

We’ve been able to serve our essential mission by working together. The results have been impressive: Out of 470 employees, we had only three positive cases of COVID-19. We followed the guidance offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our health care expert, Nurse Consultant Laura Freeland. Among the most significant actions was following the 14-day quarantine guidelines for employees who may have been exposed — this helped slow or prevent the spread.

Please continue to do your part to help keep us all safe.

— President Michael J. Grace