Transportation welcomes Kerney

Caitlin Kerney has joined the team as Transportation’s chief clerk.

Transportation Chief Clerk Caitlin Kerney

Transportation Chief Clerk Caitlin Kerney

She will help keep the department organized and support staff by providing them with data and resources. She’s excited to be a railroader and proud to be part of a historical institution like BRC.

“The railroad is fascinating,” Kerney said. “It’s been a successful business for so long. And I get to work with great people.”

She admires her co-workers᾿ intelligence and work ethic.

“They keep things moving,” Kerney said.

During her leisure, she enjoys time with her husband, Diesel Shop Electrician Robert, and their dogs, Bella and Wrigley, both puggles. The Midway-area native also likes teaching yoga, which offers the opportunity to meet people with diverse fitness goals and abilities.

“I like the human connection,” Kerney said.