TSA a part of Town Hall

TSA representatives Richard Grey and Julisa Medrano present to the Track team during a Town Hall.

Two TSA representatives, Richard Grey and Julisa Medrano, met with Track employees during a recent monthly Town Hall event.

Members of Track were coached on identifying suspicious persons, activity or situations and how to report them. Instruction from the TSA representatives will be tailored to future Town Hall events.

Safety Committee Chairman John Lucio addressed the group and reminded employees that extension 4099 is a key tool to the Belt’s safety process. Employees are asked to call the extension when they become aware of a non-emergency safety issue and leave a message describing it. They can leave their name or do so anonymously. The roadmaster will review any calls received.

Lucio encouraged employees to call even for situations when they’ve already reported an issue by other means; by doing so, they allow the safety committee to keep a record of the issue and follow up. An example would be leaving a message on 4099 after taking a hard-to-operate switch out of service. Employees who choose to leave their name will be updated on progress with the issue they reported.

Sergeant Gerald Conoboy discussed the importance of respecting the Belt’s 20 mph speed limit and that use of cell phones is strictly prohibited while driving. He noted that it’s especially vital to follow the rules given the snowy and icy conditions during the winter. Conoboy also told employees that CPR classes are available to any employee. He’s certified by the American Red Cross as an instructor and will teach as few as one student. Instruction includes adult and child first aid and AED training.

Employees were also reminded about the company’s smoking policy. Employees must be at least 15 feet from a building’s entrance to smoke and must dispose of cigarette butts and ashes appropriately. Those disobeying this can be issued a citation. Conoboy said that some employees may have a medical condition that make inhaling cigarette smoke particularly harmful and that the police will take direct action to ensure their safety.