Weaver grateful for unique opportunity

Trainmaster Leonard Weaver

Trainmaster Leonard Weaver

Trainmaster Leonard Weaver is a 13-year railroading veteran.

He recently began his BRC career as a trainmaster and brings with him a wealth of experience in numerous capacities at various railroads. Weaver is committed to the Belt and recognizes the railroad as having unique benefits. The size and self-contained nature of the operation make working here more satisfying.

“Everything is right here,” he said. “It’s easy to get a group of employees together and get everything accomplished. I could tell after my second day, everyone is working toward the
same goal.”

Weaver offers the fact that the railroad’s dispatchers are on-site as a unique opportunity for field employees to engage with them, get questions answered and build a sense of community. This is a benefit to safety as well.

“The communication is elevated in an environment like this, and that’s far and away the most important aspect,” he said.

Railroading appeals to Weaver on a basic level.

“The humping operation fascinates me,” he said. “These cars will end up thousands of miles from here in a timely fashion.”

On a good day, the facility processes about 4,000 cars.

Weaver arrives to the Belt from Pennsylvania. His family still resides there and the commutes have been challenging. He looks forward to settling in the area with his wife, Neshan, and children, Ava, 8, and Cooper, 6. His eldest son is following a lifelong dream by joining the Air Force.

“He has a moral standard beyond his years,” he said.

Sports are an important leisure activity for the Weavers. He has coached his children in softball, baseball and basketball. The family also celebrates the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL championship.