What is problem drinking or drug use?

If you have an alcohol or drug problem, the Belt’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help.

Do you have a problem?

1. Do you ever drink heavily or get high to help you cope with problems in your life?

2. Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking or using drugs any time you want to, but you keep getting drunk or high when you don’t intend to?

3. Has a family member, friend, or your employer ever expressed concern or complained about your drinking or drug use?

4. Have you had financial, work, family, or legal problems as a result of your drinking or drug use?

5. Have you driven a car while intoxicated or in a drug-induced haze? Have you gone to work drunk or high?

6. Do you need to resort to chemical assistance in order to do something (start the day, work or socialize, for example), to change how you feel (sad, scared, anxious or angry), or to banish shyness or bolster confidence?

7. Do you notice you have an increased need for more alcohol or more of your drug of choice in order to feel high?

8. Have you developed medical problems or suffered injuries as a result of your drinking or drug use?

Call EAP counselors at 800-905-0994 if you think you have a problem.