A more helpful help desk 

Director of Information Technology Bob Whitlock knows the Belt has a small IT Department but still needs 24-hour technical support for the company’s 450 employees. After working with IT solutions partner BDO, a new service hub was introduced Sept. 28. 

Whitlock explained that employees’ technical issues are often as simple as resetting a password, but they can happen at any time. He seized on the help desk revamp as an opportunity to enhance accountability and visibility.

As Whitlock can view and track service tickets, he can ensure employees are being helped. Whitlock also can visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) and follow trends, which can help identify a need for additional training.

“This allows us to be proactive,” he said.

The new relationship also enables the Belt’s IT team to focus on higher order issues and enhancements while everyday tech problems are fielded by BDO’s personnel.

Whitlock said the service hub will be an ever-evolving resource as “Technology is a living, breathing thing.”

To promote the service hub’s use, Whitlock and others have distributed magnets with contact information throughout the Belt, encouraging employees to enter the data into their phones.

A magnet with help desk contact info