Thanks, Eagle Eyes!

Sept. 10: Carman Matt Ferrin was arriving to work when he had noticed a hump crew inadvertently shoving over a skate and was ready to pull. He hurried into the foreman’s office to notify the crew not to pull. His quick action saved a potential derailment. 

Sept. 23: Car Foreman Tom Sipple, in his 50th year with the Belt, was called to the East Departure Yard to assess a bad order. After investigating, he determined that a track obstruction caused the damage. Sipple had the debris removed to prevent any further damage. “Mr. Sipple leads by example every day. Awesome job Sip, thank you for showing us why you’re No. 1,” Assistant Superintendent Mechanical Robert Perham said

Dec. 10: Carman Justin Malachinski was at the top of the hump retrieving EOTs when he noticed a drawbar come out of a car while it was being humped out of the sight of the pin puller. He asked for the hump job to stop their move and notified Car Foreman Jason Mayne of the situation. Malachinski’s quick response saved a potential derailment and damage to other cars.