A view from above

BRC’s diesel fuel tank received a face-lift after a successful inspection. The tank now is certified for 10 more years.

Painting the tank not only extends its life, but it also provides a perfect canvas to present the BRC logo.

For those who haven’t noticed, there’s a unique feature to the paint job. Not only can you see the logo on the side as you come onto BRC’s property by car, but you also can see it from the sky!

More than 22 million air travelers fly in and out of the Chicago Midway International Airport every year. By painting the BRC logo on top of the tank, they’ll now be able to associate our company’s name with the impressive sight of one of the largest classification yards in the United States.

I hope you agree we should be proud to identify our company in every way possible, from the ground or the sky. 

— Mechanical Superintendent
Adam Brock