Active shooter prep helps employees stay vigilant

The Belt has forged strong connections with the community.

Bedford Park is home to the Belt’s yards, offices and Mechanical facilities, and the bond with the city’s first responders is an important one.

Bedford Park Police Department Sergeant Jeff Drake recently visited the Belt to deliver an active shooter presentation to the Labor/Management Safety Committee. The audience learned what to expect and how to react in the event of an active shooter situation. That included detailing what the police response to such a scenario would be. Drake also discussed the signs a person may be having issues that could lead them to a violent act. 

“The training is important to our employees, and it imparted information that could save lives,” said Chief Gerald Conoboy. “The presentation was well received.” 

The basics of an active shooter response are flee, hide or fight. 

Drake is an active member of Bedford Park’s SWAT unit, which is made up of law enforcement agents from the vicinity. The Belt hosts SWAT training on a regular basis.