Belt welcomes Lindquist

One might say that Chief Clerk of Transportation Brandy Lindquist was raised to be a railroader as she followed her father, a 40-year veteran, into the industry and amassed a decade of experience with Union Pacific.

“Being on the railroad has always been about family to me,” Lindquist said. “My whole life has revolved around the railroad. I’m looking forward to this new opportunity with a smaller railroad where everyone knows one another.”

During her time with Union Pacific, Lindquist had the distinction of being the first ticket clerk to be certified in UP Way, an employee engagement and continuous improvement initiative. The accomplishment paved the way to numerous promotions and high-profile assignments in both commuter and freight operations. 

With larger railroads, leadership can be hundreds of miles away from their charges. Lindquist said that because building relationships across the organization is a priority for her, it appealed to her to work at the railroad’s headquarters while also being in close proximity to field employees. 

“I want to be out and about in the field,” she said. “Every relationship is important. I look forward to being a part of day-to-day operations and streamlining processes.”

Chief Clerk of Transportation Brandy Lindquist