Bondurant earns promotion

Manager of IT and Networking Brandon Bondurant is excited by his recent promotion.

“I felt I could do more and provide more value,” said the former communication technician who started his new role in April. 

Bondurant began to develop his technological know-how as a child and has long been known by his family as the go-to person for advice on computer-related purchases. 

“I grew up with computers around the house,” Bondurant said.

The passion he developed led to him building his own PCs, a hobby he continues today.

“I build them with the intent of gaming, but I never get around to gaming,” Bondurant said.

Prior to joining BRC, Bondurant turned his networking studies into a programming job, but he later found that he wasn’t particularly fond of debugging programs. He then became a phlebotomist at a plasma center, which he eventually managed thanks to his positivity and work ethic. When he felt he was no longer growing in that role, Bondurant taught himself Cisco, the ubiquitous networking system for which he’s now a certified administrator.

While technology called to Bondurant, family did as well, so he moved to Chicago to be nearer to his children. The Belt soon became his vocational home

The variety his new role offers is satisfying to Bondurant. He also welcomes the challenge of updating legacy equipment and systems, as there’s a lot to learn given the nuances of the railroad’s proprietary software.

Bondurant, who said he considers moving data across a network similar to moving freight across tracks, is working on creating seamless redundancies that will prevent downtime.

He finds his co-workers’ mission focused but affable.

“Everyone knows we’re here to do the same job,” he said. “We are in the business of moving trains, and we’re one big family.”