BRC named Jake railroad

Sgt. Sam Canerday holds up the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association pin bestowed to Jake railroads.

American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) recently honored the Belt.

BRC was named a Jake railroad in recognition of its excellent safety record in 2016. The Belt has experienced low injury frequency ratios as a result of team efforts, Director of Police and Risk Management Mike Romano said.

“Everybody is part of the safety team at the Belt,” he said. “Winning this award is just a symbol of the commitment of management and crafts and their willingness to take personal responsibility for safety. Our people come to work in the right mindset and follow through the rest of the day as they go about their duties.”

In bestowing the award, ASLRRA noted the “exceptional efforts” the Belt has made and time and resources it has invested in safety in 2016.

The company was issued pins by ASLRRA commemorating the Old August Railroad.

“It’s a pleasure for us to support your railroad as you work to make the railroad industry safer and stronger,” ASLRRA stated in a letter.