BRC Operation Lifesaver presents to 5,000 and counting

Operation_Lifesaver 2The BRC Operation Lifesaver team has educated more than 5,000 people during 102 presentations this year. They aim to reach 10,000 by the end of 2014.

Regular presentations resumed in October after students returned to school.

“Our team is going to start presenting often,” said Carman and Operation Lifesaver presenter John Lucio. “Our goal is definitely reachable.”

During the summer, the Operation Lifesaver team promoted railroad crossing safety, focusing on high traffic areas.

The team is focused on crossings at Archer Avenue, and 59th and 67th streets.

“We’re trying to educate and hand out as much information as possible,” Lucio said. “Some people just don’t know this stuff or how fast a train moves. We want to help them.”

While some violators are issued tickets, the team hopes to make a difference through education.

Since Sept. 15, the team has presented during six town hall meetings.