Bright Ideas abound as initiative kicks off

The Bright Ideas program is off to a great start as Carman John Lucio’s submission was one of the first to be implemented. 

Lucio’s suggestion was to enhance road conditions around the facility as the potholes were damaging company vehicles.

Thank you for your Bright Ideas:
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John Lucio
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Don Mytnik
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He added that heavy-duty trucks that visit the Belt exacerbate the problem. 

Lucio coned off areas where the worst potholes were located much to the appreciation of his co-workers. Recently, crews began paving, so a more permanent solution is forthcoming. 

“It feels great that employee concerns are being addressed,” said Lucio, who praised President Mike Grace with being responsive to the issue. 

Don Mytnik also submitted an idea that recently was approved for implementation.

Carman, John Lucio