Building safety coordinators will help boost safety, culture

Sgt. Ramon Ortiz is heading a new safety initiative. 

He will be leading a volunteer force of building safety coordinators, each assigned to one of the Belt’s main buildings, including the General Office Building, hump, Martin Building, locker room/crew board, the diesel shop, Building 7 and both east and west yard offices. 

General Manager Percy Fields is adapting the idea to the Belt after successfully implementing it with former employers. Ortiz said that while the safety is “paramount,” the initiative also was about inspiring employees to take an ownership attitude with regard to their vocational home and build a sense of pride. 

Volunteers will perform regular inspections of the facility they are assigned to; they also will be the point person for other employees to contact if they find an issue with their building. While safety issues are most important, employees are also encouraged to report issues that negatively impact comfort and pride.

Additionally, volunteers will ensure COVID-19-related items, such as hand sanitizer and masks, are available at strategic locations throughout the Belt’s buildings. 

Sgt. Ramon Ortiz