Command Center Brings Team Together

Employees describe the six-month investment in the new Command Center’s setup as well worth it.

This center is the result of B&B, Communications, IT and Signal employees working hand in hand. In addition to completing the job, the team had to ensure employees could keep working despite having a construction site in the middle of the Main Office. 

Operations Manager Joshua Zegar says he’s glad the project is done and agrees with many of his co-workers that the new center’s greatest advantage is being able to communicate with one’s colleagues in person.

“It definitely looks better and there’s more space, and it’s good to have everyone in the same room,” he said. “You can go straight to the person you need to talk to.” 

Hump Conductor Phillip Saylor also finds it advantageous to work near his teammates and said he’s enjoying the camaraderie. He also likes the way his equipment is set up. In addition to a standing desk and other enhanced-ergonomic features, Saylor now controls his systems with one mouse and one keyboard. 

Superintendent Terry Hartwig praised all departments for their contributions and cited IT, Communications and B&B for playing a key role in the operation. He believes the increased interaction the Command Center encourages will further aid team development.

“It’s an asset the Belt can take advantage of,” Hartwig said.