25 years of service

Switchman Bill Fisher, left, receives a gift and certificate for 25 years of service from Terminal Superintendent Terry Hartwig

Service Awards

15 years

James Chacon, May 9, Transportation Department

Eric Fountain, May 9, Transportation Department

Andrew Mangrum, May 9, Transportation Department

Shawn Nelson, May 9, Transportation Department

20 years

Santos Santiago, May 15, Track Department

25 years

Alvin Miller, Feb. 14, Locomotive Department

Bill Fisher, April 4, Transportation Department

40 years

Hugh Simon, April 7, Executive Department

Employee, Title, Date Started

Sylvester Augustus, Carman, March 2

Steven Dawson, Carman, March 2

Jason Demma, Carman, March 2

Nathan McDaniel, Carman, March 2

Sergio Velazquez, Carman, March 2

Jason Charbonneau, Field Team Leader, March 9

Percy Fields, General Manager Operations, March 9

Dave Friedrich, Accounting Manager, March 9

Employee, New Title, Date Promoted

Brian Dilger, Controller & CFO, May 1

Employee, Title, Date Retired 

Diane Rhoads, Crew Caller, Feb. 29

Dennis Warford, Controller & CFO, May 31

Fisher marks