TSA presentation added to training

As Track and Signal employees underwent training related to certification in March, they took in a potentially life-saving presentation. 

Larry Neuman, a TSA Bomb and Explosive Unit member, trained employees about how to identify and respond to explosives and incendiary devices. It’s the second year employees have received such training. 

Training occurred in multiple sessions at the nearby Marriott. It was interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis, but 90 of approximately 130 employees were able to complete training. 

Terminal Engineer Alex Kurec was impressed by the employees’ engagement, noting that they asked many questions and demonstrated a strong understanding of the concepts they were taught. 

While the additional training went above and beyond requirements, he believes it was important given the Belt’s proximity to Midway.

Employees participate in expanded training. 
Larry Neuman, a member of the TSA’s Bomb and Explosive Unit, trains employees
Examples of what to look for