COVID-19 best practices

With continuous outbreaks and the introduction of variants, our experience with the COVID-19 is not over. 

Please continue to take the following measures: 

Social Distancing

Maintain the recommended 6-foot separation from others to help reduce the risk of spread. 

Reduce the risk of transmission by limiting the time of your interactions.


Since July 17, The BRC has required all employees to wear masks while on the property and when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Keep spare masks and antibacterial wipes in your vehicle.


Regular and thorough hand-washing for 20 seconds is sufficient in many instances to kill COVID-19 bacteria. Ensure the sufficient time is taken and wash often.

Safety at Home

COVID-19 prevention is important away from work as well. Employees and their family members should avoid crowded places and indoor gatherings where masks are not in use. The same mitigation techniques that apply to work — social distancing, mask use, hand-washing — apply away from work. 

If someone is diagnosed as COVID-19 positive at home, contact your supervisor. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has guidance on how to help keep them, and yourself, safe.

If You Get Sick

Between COVID-19 and flu season, it is easy to get sick. If it happens, notify your supervisor, who will confer with BRC’s independent medical consultant. You will likely be instructed to stay home, rest, drink fluids, and take a test to verify whether you may have contracted COVID-19.