Eagle Eye Awards – Employees Recognized for Efforts

eagle eyeOne doesn’t have to look far to find employees who make a positive difference. 

Many routinely make contributions that demonstrate situational awareness of their working environment and well-being of their co-workers. 

Lino Villafuerte

While driving along the West Yard fire road July 11, Villafuerte noticed damaged rail. His immediate response in stopping the crew prevented a potential derailment.

Kenneth Beyer

During his West Yard assignment July 12, Beyer saw a cracked rail at 25 West Departure. His quick response in stopping movement helped prevent a potential incident.

Truman Martin Jr.

While working the 7:59 a.m. West Hump assignment June 14, Martin noticed a broken rail in the west end of the 09 West Receiving. By stopping movement and contacting the trainmaster, Maintenance of Way was immediately notified. The track was taken out of service and repaired.