Eagle Eye Awards – Employees Recognized for Efforts

One doesn’t have to look far to find employees who make a positive difference. 

Many routinely make contributions that demonstrate situational awareness of their working environment and well-being of their co-workers. 

Nicholas Pehlke

As he worked the 6:30 a.m. East Yard yardmaster assignment, Pehlke noticed 130 autoracks in the Pullbacks. These 130 cars were miscoded and not included in this train. After recognizing the error, the cars were set out in the class yard and not pulled to the East Departure Yard, preventing train movement delay.

Brian McCarthy

While working as a head man on the 7 a.m. West Yard assignment June 24, McCarthy pulled a train to the high side of the West Departure Yard as CP 289 performed a hind-end double and shove cars for the 34 crossover. However, the switch was lined for the lead, not for the crossover. McCarthy alerted the crew to stop movement, avoiding damage.

He was praised for his alertness in preventing a potential derailment in a crucial area.

Craig Moore and Joshua Zegar

Moore and Zegar spotted a sun kink on the east end of 45 East Class Aug. 19. Because they quickly contacted authorities, the track was removed from service and repaired the next day.